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 Postby wurlycorner »Sat Sep 20, 2014 3:14 pm

For my 3g.
Getting the list up now, to see what's about (and fully expecting to draw a blank on all :lol: )

All OEM bits wanted, to get the car back to spot on/fully complete condition.

    Rear speaker grilles/spacer assemblies (both sides) - have a pair of these sorted, just need to get my arse in gear to collect :roll:
    Boot carpet in dark grey/black (mine has been mouse eaten, I have a replacement but it's a lighter grey)
    Sunroof panel where the rubber trim isn't worn in the corners
    Front/Rear facelift bumpers (colour immaterial/paint scuffs ok, but not bent or split condition)
    Rear spoiler high level brake light LED bar and wiring
    Front downpipe (mine is pretty much perfect but does have a tiny hole just before the flexi :evil: )
    OEM floor mats
    Manual gearshift gaitor and gearknob

Forum Traders, Buying and Selling Wanted


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