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Is that actually a JDM import?

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 Postby nitin_s1 »Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:27 pm

Agree with all the comments.

He is writing the word ‘JDM’ in his title so he gets to a wider audience of sellers. And he is also claiming it’s actually Japanese for the people who don’t know the truth.

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 Postby wurlycorner »Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:18 pm

Can tell from the photo's that those rear brakes should never have passed an MOT (you can see it's using approx 25% of the disc face, which I know will be a fail on handbrake performance - but also is an easy fix because it will just be seized pads/slider pins).
Over-priced, IMO.

Doesn't mean it's a bad car, just means look it over closely (taking into account the previous areas of MOT advisory/fail) and be sure to point them out on the car to get the price down to something reasonable.

But yep, a UKDM car. It will be an A8 though, which is a big plus point.

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 Postby Jackson Bondy »Wed Jun 27, 2018 6:24 pm

Thanks for all your comments everyone, this is the response I just got:

Hello Jack, i'm not sure if its a Jap import or not but this is what I went by before listing: ... m1754.html
My VIN starts with JHMBB150..
Engine H22A81....

There's also a clutch kit change in the service history where the mileage was recorded in both KM & Miles. The service book is stamped from Honda Main dealer for most of its early life so there's no invoices apart from the one from Mr Clutch. I had an oil & filter change approx. 7 months ago.

The corrosion will be subject to what anyone considers to be major or not...last MOT had no rust advisory...I hardly used the car for almost a year then decided to give it a full MOT before listing and thats when the rust advisory is stated again. Perhaps Sand blasting and underseal should do the trick..

These have a huge following and the fanatics will know exactly what it is..Jap import or not and it won't make much of a difference as the Motegi bodykit is rare & sought after all the same.

I have taken all these factors into consideration and have priced the car accordingly.

At the end of the day i'm more interested in buyers that will come to view the car in person-fully inspect and test drive before making up their mind. I have little knowledge in them but I surely know how to pick Hondas...below is one of 2 very rare Honda Integra XSI DA6 I imported and sold in UK/Ireland: ... 00-2864910

Us fanatics do know our stuff yes :lol:
Definitely agree with you all though, seems dodgy to me. I will do some back and forth with the seller and see how much they really know.

Found this post about VIN's, interesting that the engine code is a 0 when it should be an 8 for the A8? ... ics/119298
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