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**Shiny's Guide - Selling Your Car on A Forum**

Selling a car? Stick it in this section
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**Shiny's Guide - Selling Your Car on A Forum**

Post by Shiny » Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:23 pm

If you want to sell your car, you need to raise interest and the best way of doing this is to put some effort into your "for sale" thread.

Here are some guidelines on how to work towards this -

The Car

• Include a full description (year, make, model, cc etc)
• Condition – include both good and bad points, people will see the bad points when they come to look at it, so be open in the first place!
• Service history (if it has one), cambelt /clutch changes etc if known

Don’t forget to include

• Mot expiry
• Mileage
• Number of previous owners (if it has been owned previously by forum members, mention that too!)


• If your car is modified, include a full list of what has been done. This will also help if people are trying to get insurance quotes on the car.
• List any original parts you may have spare from fitting the modifications. Someone may love your car but not your induction kit!


• State the town/area where you live i.e. Swindon, Wilts
• How long you have owned the car
• If you have a genuine reason for sale, include it. People like to know why someone is selling a car


• Don’t forget to include pictures. Make sure you have pictures of all 4 sides, the engine bay and the interior
• Wash, dry and polish/wax your car before you take pictures, a clean car gives a far better impression.
• If you have washed your car, move it to dry spot to take the pictures so it doesn’t look like you’ve only washed it for the sale!
• Don’t forget to vacuum the interior and dust the dash!
• Make sure you pictures are good and clear, blurred ones taken at night are good to no-one!

Some forums allow you to attach pictures from your hard drive. If not, use a free image hosting site such as

How to post images on LudeGeneration - ... -t716.html

Asking Price

• Don’t forget to state how much you money you would like for the car!

Finally, we often see things like "failed MOT, all it needs are new brake pads and a reversing bulb...". To be frank, a car without an MOT is pretty much the same value as a scrap car. If all it needs is a few pounds spending to get it through an MOT, DO IT! A car with 12 months MOT is easily double the value of a car with no MOT and it doesn't look like there is something to hide, so you will have far more interest in your sale.


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