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Honda Prelude 1995 2.2i parts

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Honda Prelude 1995 2.2i parts

Post by alexdozz » Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:59 pm

Originally put this on my previous 'car breaking' thread but probably more appropriate here:

Got the following parts available, location is Exeter, Devon:

• H22A2 2.2i engine and ancillaries, can be seen/heard running, roughly 200k miles on it based on the dash readout
• Digital dash instruments
• Front Driver and passenger seats (black)
• Bonnet release lever and cable
• Petrol cap release cable
• JVC radio (removable front cover) and cigarette lighter in mounting
• Speakers x2
• Centre console ashtray
• Centre console air vents and heater controls
• Stalk assembly lights, indicators and wipers
• Boot and petrol flap lever assembly
• Boot lock, cable and catch
• Throttle pedal stop
• Interior fuse box
• Engine bay fuse box
• Brake fluid reservoir
• Clutch fluid reservoir
• Radiator mounting brackets x2
• Throttle cable
• Steering column air bag connectors
• Front side lights x2
• Side repeater lights x2
• Rear wiper motor
• Ventilated discs x2
• Brake calipers and carriers x2
• Brake servo
• Throttle/brake pedal assembly
• Clutch pedal assembly
• Clutch fluid pipe (slave cylinder on engine)
• Battery tray
• CV joints x2
• Offside drive shaft
• Gear change cables
• Gear change lever assembly
• Lower centre console (gear lever)
• Alarm system (Honda)
• Catalytic converter
• Engine mounts x4
• Air con compressor engine mount
• Power steering pump engine mount
• Rear lights n/s and o/s
• Cruise control vacuum reservoir
• 4WS control unit
• ABS control unit
• Cruise control unit
• Engine ECU

Ideally I'd be looking to sell as much as possible to one person so if someone wants the engine they would have priority over all other parts, however if individual items are desired drop me a PM and i'll arrange photos.

Note that the wiring harness has been cut down to a minimum (removal of any wiring not critical to the engine/dash) so isn't necessarily usable, unless you are planning to swap the engine into an alternative car.

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Honda Prelude 1995 2.2i parts

Post by Georgybrumtown » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:26 am

hi do u have side skirts still

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Honda Prelude 1995 2.2i parts

Post by DanishLuder » Sat Jul 27, 2019 9:54 pm

Digital dash instruments as in EL cluster - With dials and etc?
Does it have the grey box and cable as well, just for swapping?

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