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Selling and Buying Guidelines

Got some things for sale? Put them in this section
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Selling and Buying Guidelines

Post by Merlin » Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:47 am

Selling and Buying Guidelines

The LudeGeneration selling and buying guidelines are intended to keep selling as simple and as safe as possible for all LG members. The LudeGeneration selling and buying guidelines are there to ensure the correct information is provided by people wishing to sell items on the forum.

It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that any for sale threads adhere to the LudeGeneration selling guidelines.
All threads must contain:
  • At least one photo per item showing bit of paper with the seller’s name to prove you own/are in possession of the item
It is also recommended to adhere to the following:
  • Pic’s should be of the item as it is ready to be packaged for shipping
  • No half arsed pic’s of bits still on the car or a pile of random parts
  • Please supply all relevant information for the item including condition/damage
  • Stating a price is helpful
  • If shipping is not available for the item please state the items location
  • Non-car parts should also be listed in the same way
This area will be routinely checked by Admin/Mods. If you find a thread that you wish to alert the mods to, please click the 'Report Post' button to bring it to our attention:

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that they are happy with the information provided. If further information is required please request this from the seller. LudeGeneration recommends that buyer’s should only proceed with purchasing once they are satisfied with the information given. It is the buyer’s responsibility to decide to pay via a gift or as a "goods purchased", please be aware that the seller may state that fees associated with "goods purchased" are covered by the buyer. For PayPal fees see this link - ... es-outside . It is also up to the seller/buyer to negotiate whether or not some sort of postal insurance should be used.

During conversation in other threads of the forum, items may be offered to you that are not currently listed in the for sale section of the forum. In this situation it is the responsibility of the buyer to request photos and information.

It is custom on LG to dib an item. Please be aware that it is the seller’s decision to honour the dibs system. If you have dibbed an item please contact the seller to agree the purchase.

  • LudeGeneration is not responsible for any items being sold or bought via the forum
  • LudeGeneration has no means of resolving disputes amongst members
  • Any disputes should be handled off forum, any disputes on the open forum will be deleted
  • Any comments regarding suggested item pricing etc should be handled via PM, again - any such posts in threads will be deleted
  • LudeGeneration has the right to amend the guidelines at anytime


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