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Wheels and their tyre sizes

Chassis/Brakes/Steering/Wheels discussion
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Wheels and their tyre sizes

Post by Scott560 » Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:55 pm

I have 2 sets of wheels and 2 separate issues!

Car is a 5th gen, lowered on tein coilovers, and has the hardest yellow strongflex bushes all round.

First problem:
Daily wheels are Motegi 17inch wheels currently fitted with michelin pilot sport 4 tyres in a size which is 1 profile size smaller than standard. Its running 215/40/17. These are too harsh for road driving. Running 2 bar pressure increases the comfort, but the tyre is too flat really. 2.2bar is what I tried to run them at, but this was very crashy. There was some improvement at 2.3bar strangely, but I don't think I can go much higher than that.

Questions are. 1) What is the official prelude tyre size for the motegi enkei wheels? And what is the official tyre pressure? 2) Has anyone gone for 225 width and had any issues? I don't mind loosing a little handling feedback if i get my comfort back (and get my back some comfort too!). I'm thinking either 215/45 or 225/45 (I don't think I need to go to 50 profile?)

Second problem:
Standard 5th gen 16inch wheels - these are currently fitted with some federal 595 r tyres for track days (in standard 205/50/16). These have enough tread left, but have been through probably 4 or 5 track days, and many heat cycles and are starting to feel a bit hard and loss of grip. Ideally i would replace them for the next track day at the end of July. What recommendations do people have? I've only ever had the federals and they were effectively budget tyres and only barely more grip than a premium road tyre (but didn't overheat). Going wider probably helps here too, is 225 possible?


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Wheels and their tyre sizes

Post by vanzep » Fri Jun 11, 2021 6:16 pm

HI Scott,
standard size of tyre for 17" wheels are 215/45/17
standard size for 16" wheels is 205/50/16
standard size for 15" wheels is 205/55/15
for 15" & 16" oem alloys ive used nexen blue hd plus as a budget option @ £50/ea or toyo t1r's at similar price. Nexens are comfy and seem good in the wet and the Toyos are great in the dry and good for summer driving, ok in the wet but drop off once theyve gone below 5mm tread imo

225 profiles tyres will rub at the rear

there used to be a page in the wiki with all the different sizes/profiles and also how much they changed the speedo reading - pity the wiki is no more - twas v.useful
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Wheels and their tyre sizes

Post by RattyMcClelland » Fri Jun 11, 2021 10:17 pm

Some 5th gens from Honda has 205/45/17 as standard in the motegi brochure and there was 215/45/17 as optional extra
215/45/17 is ideal.
225/45/17 is close as you'd want to be on a 7" wheel but fits fine but will rub.

Tein are harsh coilovers anyhow but a 45 profile tyre will improve this alot.

I wouldnt run 225 tyres in the 16" standard wheels as the wheel width is only 6.5". Stick with 205/50/16 or change to a wider wheel like a 7.5" and run 225/45/16.
Maybe try the Yoko A048 or Toyo R888. The a048 are a considerably lighter tyre though.

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Wheels and their tyre sizes

Post by Anzezaf » Sun Jun 13, 2021 11:10 pm

RattyMcClelland wrote:
Fri Jun 11, 2021 10:17 pm
Some 5th gens from Honda has 205/45/17 as standard in the motegi brochure and there was 215/45/17 as optional extra
Can confirm, I paid a visit to my dealer and saw the official brochure + the necessary safety certificates for the optional motegi rims - the tyres fitted originally were 205/45/17 and/or 215/45/17

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