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GREENLIGHT INSURANCE - Members Insurance scheme

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GREENLIGHT INSURANCE - Members Insurance scheme

Post by Tony@greenlight » Tue Apr 24, 2012 9:23 am

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may know Greenlight, as we have supported owners clubs, vehicle tuners and forums for many years now.

Whilst not trading directly upon ludegeneration until now, we do have experience of covering performance Honda Prelude models models (standard and modified) and have used the experience gained over the years to refine our schemes.

After successful discussions with the forum hierarchy, we’re pleased to announce that we have joined the forum as a trader.

You will find that our cover is relevant and we represent an alternative Insurance option to members with performance, and or modified Prelude models.

Why try Greenlight to Insure my Performance (or modified) Honda Prelude
As a business we are genuinely different to most mainstream providers. Our staff and senior management are vehicle enthusiasts who own and run the types of cars that our customers drive, which helps to ensure we maintain a level of understanding beyond most everyday Insurance providers.

We were established as a genuine specialist vehicle Insurance provider and have a strong level of technical knowledge in respect of performance, modified, custom, classic and kit built vehicles.

Greenlight have a long standing pedigree and have been providing our specialist vehicle Insurance products to the performance, modified, classic, custom and kit car owner since 1996.

It’s safe to say we are not the usual ‘men in grey’.

How will your members scheme work?
Members covered by Greenlight will now be grouped together in order that we can gather data that will allow us to improve and adapt our Honda Prelude rating where necessary as we go.

This will mean that your rates and benefits will be member specific and driven by the claims received vs premium received from fellow members, so as collective members you will have a direct influence upon the premiums paid and terms provided.

We are here to listen and will take on board the comments of members, including those who contact us for a quotation or take out policies with us during this time, with your feedback being used to improve both our infrastructure and that of your scheme.

What if my car is modified?
Modifications are not a problem to us and will be covered under our modified car Insurance products upon a like for like replacement basis in the event of damage or theft.

Unlike most Insurance providers our staff own and run the type of cars that we cover, thus we understand the mentality and positive care of car that comes from people that take pride in their vehicle.

For this very reason we particularly like to cover modified vehicle drivers, as our view is very much that if you are spending money to improve your vehicle it demonstrates that you keep your vehicle in good order and clearly care for your vehicle.

We have a pedigree for covering modified vehicles dating back to 1996 and have a decent understanding of the merit for carrying out the respective modification to your vehicle, the impact of the modification upon the vehicle and in most cases the tuner supplying or converting the vehicle.

You CAN disclose all modifications and we can accommodate just about any enhancement (up to and including full roll cages and nitrous oxide).

Our underwriters offer ‘like for like’ replacement of modified parts for repairable instances and where possible, or an equivalent substitute part will be offered.

What cover features do you have?
Under comprehensive cover contracts we can offer the traditional cover levels that you are accustomed to, which includes features such as windscreen cover, audio cover, free European cover, legal expenses cover, no claims bonus protection, a courtesy car from the approved repairer network whilst your vehicle is in for repair and a repair guarantee for the work undertaken by them.

In addition to the traditional cover, several of our Underwriters offer additional features and if any of these are useful to you our staff will be able to explain these (along with availability and any cost) in further detail to you:

Trackday cover – provides cover to your vehicle for accident damage sustained as a result of using your vehicle upon a UK race track. This cover is available under some of our annual Insurance schemes as a pay per event option for customers that are covered with us.

Like for Like replacement of modified parts – individual after market vehicle enhancements that are are covered under our modified vehicle schemes will be replaced upon a like for like basis in the event that damage is sustained or a part is stolen. In the event that parts are obsolete we will work with you to source an appropriate replacement (usually the equivalent part that superseded the obsolete part), or look to provide a cash value to enable you to select an alternative.

Guaranteed total loss hire – This is a policy cover option to keep you on the road in the event that your vehicle is stolen or written off as a result of an Insured incident. The hire car would be provided for up to 14 days.

Key cover – This feature is available to cover the cost of replacing your coded keys and locks in the event that your keys are lost or stolen, up to a cost of £1500. The cover can also extend to cover keys to your home in the event that your household keys are attached to the unique keyring provided.

Basic acceptance criteria
What we can assure you is that we will always look to help each and every one of you, looking for the positive factors in every applicant to help source the best possible offer that we can from our range of available schemes.

Ownership of the vehicle, or Performance driving experience are the key factors for covering high performance cars.

Due to the type of vehicles we cover under our preferentially rated schemes being primarily performance or modified vehicles there are some acceptance requirements to qualify for these schemes. The underwriters require all drivers to:

1) Be aged 21 or over

2) Have held a full UK license for 3 or more years

3) Have 2 or more years no claims (NCB) earned in their own name (1 year acceptable if earned upon the vehicle you're looking to Insure)

There may also be an experience requirement under some of our schemes for younger drivers, with models outputting more than 170BHP (2.2 VTEC models).

Where the experience requirement is applicable, to qualify for preferentially rated offers this will require that you have owned the vehicle that you’re looking to Insure for either 12 months or an entire winter period (or have proven driving experience of a similar performance car, owned and Insured in your name for the same period).

Insurance rating is based upon the historic performance of the policyholders that are covered and from time to time we may be unable to assist, or seem uncompetitive. This is likely to be as a result of our preferentially rated schemes excluding aspects of risk that have been consistently loss making for a period of 3 years or more.

Why target Performance models?
We are a niche Insurance specialist and as such look to cover models of vehicles that people aspire to own, take pride in and put a smile upon the drivers face.

This ensures a cherished factor and we particularly like the element of pride, along with the heightened care that goes hand in hand with owing a performance car (rather than a basic a-to-b model). To us this represents a great moral factor – our comparative premiums and terms provided are geared to reflect this.

Most performance car models also handle really well in comparison to basic (non-performance) models, which is helpful from an Insurers perspective.

Do you cover other models?
We are primarily here to cover performance Honda models, but do have schemes available to cover an array of other performance car models for members who own other vehicles.

In addition to our specialist schemes we are developing access to open market products, along with relevant partners that can cater for you and provide an option where members have requirements beyond the criteria of our preferentially rated schemes.

Whilst open market schemes and partner providers are not forum specific, they will help us to provide members an option along with highlighting where we need to develop further schemes beyond those we already offer.

How can I get a quotation to see what you can do for me?
You can apply either online, by telephone depending upon your own personal preference.

We are happy to help with member applications via our dedicated telephone team, who can be reached on 01277 376000

Alternatively, this can be handled online and to find out more about us or to apply for a free quotation simply visit

Thanks for listening, we look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

Greenlight Insurance

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