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My 1999 Honda s2000 [AP1]

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My 1999 Honda s2000 [AP1]

Post by nitin_s1 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:52 pm

You always post great work in depth. :clap:

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My 1999 Honda s2000 [AP1]

Post by geriatrix » Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:06 pm

Terrific work. This is the sort of chap you need to buy a car from. :-)

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My 1999 Honda s2000 [AP1]

Post by prelude_h22 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:25 pm

Great write up :thumbup:
Thanks norks :)
Great write up and lovely car, i've been really tempted to pick one of these up this year, regards the starter motor my DC5 does it too especially in the winter months as you say its a well known issue but no apparent fix so i just live with it cos 'they all do it'.
Ahhh I hear it also effected anything with a K20 engine as it uses the same start motor. Pretty disappointing.
Shall see how long it lasts with the blueprint starter.
Great job matey :mrgreen:
My pet hate is convertables because I haven't yet seen a car that looks better as a convertable over the fixedhead version only My opinion peops :D
I love the S2000 but it looks so much better with the hardtop on 8)
I would never take it off :lol:
Cheers all ;)
Thanks Toaster, you know I always wanted the s2000 with the hardtop hence buying the brackets for it even before I bought the car. LOL.
Never really been a convertible type of person, although it was enjoyable to experience the s2000 top down during last summer.
I have lost the storage opportunity for the hardtop now so the hardtop will be staying on for now.
Have to say though, you are right, the hardtop completes the look of the s2000 for me.
Lovely car and great work bringing it back to perfect health. I wish I could afford one but over here they go for 18-24K€ :shock:
The hardtop makes a whole lot of difference visually, looks smashing!
Thanks tom023, still far from perfect but hopefully I will make more progress this year whilst I can.
Yeah, the hardtop makes a world of difference. It seems Honda should have made the hardtop coupe version of the s2000.
Crikey, 18-24k euros. Sounds about right, facelift 2006 onwards here can fetch £13k-£14k easily.

This immaculate one form Torque GT is going for 17k :wtf:

Haha, my one was cheap as it needed alot of work but I am just grateful I actually got an opportunity to own one.

You always post great work in depth. :clap:
Cheers nitin, hope your well and the lude is going great.
Terrific work. This is the sort of chap you need to buy a car from. :-)
Thanks geriatrix, great to hear from you. Hope my ex prelude is treating you well 8)

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